International contest of radio programmes IRIB

First held 8 years ago by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), International Radio Festival ( provides opportunities for learning about different cultures, challenging competition and gaining knowledge and experience.

In 2004 Ukrainian Radio entered at the festival for the first time with the programme "Return into future" (producer: Halyna Voznyuk) dedicated to composer Sergiy Bortkevych, earlier unknown in the musical world. The programme was announced by the Jury one of the best three entries.

The programme "Parables of the wounded land" (producer: Vasyl Byrzul) submitted by Ukrainian Radio for the 2006 festival was awarded a special prize.

For that year festival Ukrainian Radio has produced two entries: "Symphony of Spring" (producer: Kateryna Motrych) and "The woman was sowing the golden stone" (producer: Halyna Babiy).

In 2008 Ukrainian Radio was successfully represented by program „Fairly tale reception” (author: Alina Akulenko) about celebration traditions of St.Nickolas Day in Ukraine.

In 2010 Ukrainian Radio entered the competition with program “Light for a Friend” (author: Olga Ivanova, sound editor: Volodymyr Noskov). The program was awarded first and second prize (for best idea, script and artistic creation) in "Documentary" nomination.

In 2012 Ukrainian Radio entered the competition with the programme “Echoes of the broken strings. Paths of the Ukrainian kobza  art” (authors: Olga Ivanova, Volodymyr Noskov) that was successfully selected for the final and was awarded first prize in "Documentary" nomination.

This year Ukrainian Radio was presented by two programmes produced by Radio Ukraine International : “Initiatives” (by Tenyana Mykytenko ) dedicated to  the Holodomor victims  and “Outstanding Ukrainians” (by Ivan Zhezhera) which narrates about  Ivan Bohun, a hero of Ukrainian War of liberation (1648-1654).